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Edraflo is a firm that offers business process design & improvement as well as designing customer experience journey for your organization. We strive to add value to many organisations and deliver solutions by combining the structure in business process improvement and the excitement in design world. We believe in taking human as the center in designing and delivering solution in business process. We use design-based approach to help companies innovate. We improve business processes by applying structure and simplicity.
We provide training in Business Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma (in cooperation with our partner), Building High Performance Team, Project Managament and Change Management.
We provide consulting services to companies on how to design business process, improving your customer experience journey, and also create practical SOP for your company. We also improve organization performance by implementing Lean Six Sigma (in cooperation with our partner) or other Continuous Improvement methodology.
We provide publishing and communication services to spread creative and inspiring content to the right audiences. In doing that, we believe in visual and simplicity.

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