We are

Edraflo offers business process design and improvement.

We help companies to design and improve  their business processes, including designing and improving customer experience journey, business process and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to be more impactful to the customers. In addition, we help companies to solve problems in running the business. We make your business processes easier and better.

We believe value creation through collaboration.

As a team or individual, our team have been working with some companies in various type of projects:

  • Improving a multinational bank’s hiring process
  • Improving a local’s bank credit process, including providing some cartoons for the value stream map
  • Designing business process and SOP for a creative agency
  • Designing business process and SOP for an NGO, including creating an animation for the business process
  • Working with a startup to design its business process and SOP
  • Designing company profile and its brand collaterals for a big local company
  • Publishing fresh and unique books

We believe in simplicity.

Our uniqueness is in combining business process and design thinking. We try to balance between efficiency and experience. We believe that business problem solving and standardization will require element of design, human interaction, and great communication.

  • We are a network of business process improvement/Lean Six Sigma consultants who collaborate with graphic designers, writers and drawing artists.
  • Our consultants background are from various big companies: Chevron, GE, Caterpillar, Goodyear, Ecco, Toyota, PerkinElmer and some local media companies.
  • Our team members have been working with Chevron, Bank SahabatSampoerna, Worldbank-WSP, HSBC, Adira, Eni, and some startups and UKM in Indonesia.

We believe that efficiency can go along with great experience.

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